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Desert Experience – Mixed Media on Canvas

March 5, 2020
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Desert Experience 

850mm x 600mm x 10mm

Mixed Media on Canvas


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Product Description

Desert Experience – 850mm x 600mm x 10mm

Deut 32:10 – He found him in the desert land and in the waste howling
wilderness – He led him about, He instructed him; He kept him as the apple of
His eye.

Our Father allow us to go through desert/wilderness experiences so
that we can lose our pride and turn back to Him so that we learn to
depend on Him only and to receive the blessings He have for us.

59 – It can show that the time of judgement is almost complete and that the person will
soon be able to take up a position of leadership and authority.
248 – Means the wilderness – You are called to order and to sort out your life
so that you can walk in the will and the blessings of Yahweh.


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